Thursday, January 3, 2008

Feeling Good

Bring it on I tell myself on last nights run. That is two more days of good running. So far I can say 2008 I have not had a bad run !! OK I do know that we are only 3 days into the year but you have to start somewhere.

On Wednesday night I ran from work to Nick's house and we did a nice loop from there. The temp's where still pretty cool. In someways it felt colder than yesterday even though it was not. I think it was because it was dark out. The sun can have a big effect on things that is for sure. Nick was looking for a easy 7 miles so I figured by running from work that extra going to and back would be perfect for getting just that little bit extra. As I thought it was perfect. I got in a nice easy 9 miles. I wore a pair of New Balance 874 trail shoes I got from the NB Rep. Over all I like them but I found my right forefoot got a bit sore. I still like the version they had out like 2-3 years ago better.

On Thursday night I got out for a little Tangletown hill loop. With the 50th street bridge out I had to make a few changes but overall it was the same as I normally do. I decided the night before while running with Nick I needed and wanted to start doing some hilly runs. Not to run them all hard but just get into that climbing rhythm which will be so important all next year. I did feel real good. I love running things like this with my ipod rocking in my ears. So good tunes this night made the run a A+ in my book. I also tried a new pair of New Balance 800 trail shoes as well. They are much more striped down. I liked them as well. So far I still need to give my vote to the Puma's. If the races started today it would be trailfox's all the way. I believe my loop was like 6 miles. That makes me on track for a great week !

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WynnMan said...

Hey Kurt. Well I can tell you that the spring 50km is better than the fall races in regard to the stretch of the lakefront course. The fall course is pure rock hard pavement which will rock your body if you haven't done any road running as it did mine last year, and the weather is usually just brutal as hell.

The spring version is on a better section in my mind. I basically have used it as a tune-up race, but would like to snap the bridesmaid streak. The spring course has a little more gravel on the shoulder of the path, but nothing to boast about. It's my only road race of the year.