Sunday, July 15, 2007

What flys ?

Today I met up with Paul to do a run with him and his dog Sunshine. We went to one of our favorite places the MN river bottoms. One thing with trying to run trails this time of the year sometimes is the deer flys can be super bad. To help with the flys I find wearing a real lightweight t-shirt and a running cap can be great because the flys will ride along but not bite through the clothing. I might make you a bit warmer but beats get eaten alive. With some luck the flys today where not that bad. Thanks god !! Paul was looking to get in like 16-18 miles for the day. Since I ran 16 the day before I thought we will just play it by ear. I was a bit tired the first few miles but seem to warm up real well after like 4 miles of running. From that point one I felt really pretty good. We decided on hitting 18 on the way out. I thought hell this is good and it is giving me great excitement to know I got in like 34 miles for the weekend !! I think I could have used a little more water but was pretty good overall. It is always good to run with Paul. I guess I will see what tomorrow brings ? Heck after this weekend bring it on. I just need to be smart since we have the Lumberjack 10 miler comming up on Saturday.

Miles for the day= 18

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