Sunday, July 8, 2007

80' at 6:00am

So when I got up today for the long run I called time and temp. To my suprize it was 80 at 6am !!! Come on people give me a break. What was funny is that after yesterday it did not feel that bad. There was a little breeze which was nice. Sonya, Evan and I met up with Nick for the long run. We met up at the bandshell and did a nice run of the lakes with the Scupture graden and Cedar lake added on to it. It was a nice loop with lot's of water stops along the way !! I felt very good today which was great. I have been trying to streach alot more the last few days. I think it makes a big difference. I belive it was like 15 to 16 miles all togeather. A nice effort. I am feeling much better about TCM after this weekend. Also congrat's to Patrick Russell on his great 50k run at Afton this weekend.

** Evan likes his food !!!!

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