Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blanket Gate 07

So Sonya and I where looking to go longer today to get a good start to the weekend and to try to get something longer in before Lumberjack 10 miler next weekend. We where going to meet out friend Jason Zarn at Lake Nakomis and go from there. We started at 6:45am to try and beet the heat, plus I needed to be at work by 10am. When we started it was super nice like 68 with a nice breeze. When we met up with Jason The Lifetime tri was going on. What a great day compared to the last few. We next ran up the parkway to the greenway trail. I was feeling real good on all of this part. We saw some friends Like Chad Austin and Jenna Boren running as well. We even ran into Russell as he was starting what sounded like a crazy tuff workout. Because of the cool temps at the start Sonya felt that Evan needed his blanket and sweatshirt. Once we got to the greeway path we decided it was time to take it all off but left the blanket. Well as we ran more I noticed that somewhere Evan tossed the blanket and we did not notice. This made Sonya very unhappy !! I ran back a bit but did not see it. I knew she wanted it and that it bothered her allot but I was getting short on time. We decided to keep going and Sonya would come back later. I was continuing to feel good. Once we got like 1 1/2 to 2 miles from home I took off so I had time to shower and such. Man was I flying !! I felt real good as well, but was happy to be done. It was a good day all in all and I was happy. Sonya went a little bit more when we got home and then went to look for the blanket. After adding another half hour looking she ended up with like 3 hours for the day !!

Miles for the day= 16

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