Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lumberjack 10 miler

So today was the big Lumberjack Days 10 miler. This is a race Sonya has run many times, even has won it once before !! I have only run it one time before today. The is a pretty fast course given that is is normaly hotter than hell out. I belive it is a overall net drop from start to finish. I would say though that if you do not run it correct you can get screwed. There are many rolling up hills just nothing very step like some of the downhills you get to run.

I was looking for a good solid effort today as I am building towards my TCM goal. I was thinking like 6:15's or so would be good. Givin that Sonya desided to run with me and see what would happen. As I found out later that 6:15 pace would get her under the state record for 40 year old's for the 10 mile distance. The weather was very good. Wow what a change, last time I ran this I wanted to peal my skin off mid-race. We where real good the first 3 miles, even a bit fast but it felt good so we went with it. The next 3 miles there is some uphill so we did slow some but I still knew me where good. When we hit 10k at sub 39:40 I knew we still had it. After 10k it is like falling off a clif in a few places so we had some pretty fast miles. Sonya was hanging so tuff I tell you, she was in 4th place for women. I think it has been great seeing how tuff she has been this year. Remember people she had a kid just less than 1 year ago !! It did get a bit tuffer the last mile or two but I felt like we closed real good. I belive the last mile was like 6:05 or so. In the end she just missed the record but ran her second fastest time ever in 1:02.57 and I ran a solid 1:02.50. I will tell you this I do feel like I am comming around to this road racing once more. I just need a few workouts and a few more races under my belt.

Miles for the day= 12

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