Monday, July 16, 2007

After my great 34 mile weekend I decided to take a easy short day. What luck we have huh,it seems to be getting warmer just in time for the upcoming Lumberjack Days 10 mile race. So with the somewhat warmer temps Evan and I waited till early evening for our run together. We did the easy from the house around Lake Harriet and back loop. That is a simple 5 mile section. I could tell at the start that I was feeling a bit sluggish but just took it real easy down to the lake. Once I got on the lake path I seemed to be getting sucked into a faster pace with all the people around. Evan seemed to be real vocal on the run tonight. He sat up in the jogger the whole way and just talked away with me. I think a bunch of the walkers we passed thought he was super cute. I would agree with them if I do not say so myself !! In the end I felt pretty good overall even if I did push it a bit to much pace wise.

Miles for the day= 5

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