Friday, July 20, 2007

So for my day before the race I decided to go for a nice and easy 8 miler with Evan. Today is Evan's 1 year old picture day so I good pre nap would be in order. What better way to make sure that happens then to take him for a run. Well sure enough that was the ticket. I do not think we made it more than 2 miles before he was out like a light. As for the loop I thought our run around Lake Nakomis and back would be a good one since other that coming up the hugh hill on 50th back home it is pretty flat and all. I was feeling pretty good on the way out so I was very happy about that. Once we got out to the lake I knew I need to find a bathroom. The hard thing when you are running with the jogger by yourself is that in times like this you need to find those BIG port-a-poddy's so you can take it in with you. Luck for me there is one there at the lake. So once I took care of my bathroom issues we were off and running back home. It was a pretty nice afternoon and all. I just kept telling myself that I felt good and easy and that was how I would feel come race time tomarrow. You know that whole going over it in your head over and over so race day you feel it in your body. It seems to work more times that not for me. I guess we will see if it works this time. After the run I streached a bunch !!! I must keep up on this type of stuff. It was a good run and I feel ready to go. Bring on the big bad Lumberjack !!!

Miles for the day= 8

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