Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did I go for a swim ?

Man oh man is it hot and humid outside !! I went for my run after work. I desided to go run the lakes loop so I knew I would be by many water stops. Let's just say today would have also been a good day to say screw this. I think I was wet before I even started running. Considering the weather I did feel pretty good which made me feel pretty good. I think it helped to take it easy and drink, drink , drink. I made sure to get water at every stop I could. By the time I got home I thought it was funny because I looked like I just came out of the lake from a swim. Man let's hope this does not stay for a long haul.

Tomarrow is my little man Evan's 1st B-day !!!! I have lot's of stuff to hang up today. Wow a year sure goes by fast.

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Lisa said...

Tell Evan HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Fox/Mulrooney crew:) Eat lots of cake!