Friday, July 27, 2007

No time to Blog......

Ok so the last few days have not been good to me for bloging. Between Evan's b-day and getting ready to go up to Duluth for my little brother Kraig's wedding. So this will have to cover Thursday and Friday.

Thursday- I met up with Nick at the bandshell for a early morning run. I knew since my week of miles I needed to get in at least 10 miles. I figured get in a few miles with Nick and between getting there and back home I should have a solid 10 miles in. At the start of my run I was feeling rather slow but by the time I got to Nick I was feeling much better. I was feeling the effects of much to much b-day cake. Other than that I felt pretty good. Miles for the day= 10

Friday- Well today was just not a good day. I had once more hoped to get in 10 miles but I just felt bad, bad, bad !!! By the time I strugeled home I had a whopping 5 miles. Miles for the day= 5

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