Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where did my gloves go ?

So when the alarm went off this morning the first thing I did was call time and temp to see if we would take Evan with us in the jogger. Well after they said it was 39' out I was like no way are we bringing him. Not that in the future he would not come with us but at this point I do not know where his super warm jackets and such are. Plus he and Sonya looked so happy in bed, I guess Sonya will have to get out when I get back. So I just looked all over the house for my tights, gloves and such and went out the door to meet Nick. Man it is hard to find all that stuff the first time of the year.

As I hit the road I decided to start out extra slow with the cold and all and let my body warm up. The crisp air felt very good. Hell I saw my breath at the start !!! After I met up with Nick I thought for something different I would take us into Lakewood cemetery which is by the lakes. It is a super pretty place to run with lot's of rolling hills. My sister and Grandpa Decker are there so I like to run in there every so often. I was feeling great once more as we glided up and down the hills. Man is it great to feel good aging !!! After we looped through the park I went my way home and Nick went his way. I think he liked the loop. Maybe we will do it more often ?

On a side not everyone Nick and I where talking about how much better we have been feeling since we both starting taking the First Endurance optygen aging. I would highly recommend this to everyone. It works out to cost like $1.00 a day. Man it is so worth it !!!!

Miles for the day= 9

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