Friday, September 21, 2007

A new blogging world for Kurt

Today my blogging world all changed. We finnaly got high speed Internet !!! I will now be able to post with pictures and such. Man is this great.

Now back to the run for the day. I had the day off to be with Evan and man we had allot of things to do. I talked to Nick last night and we decided to run together in the late afternoon. So after I got most of the stuff done I gave old Nick a call and we figured he could run to my house then we could do a loop from there since he needed more miles than me. We started out with a loop to the parkway and to Lake Nakomis then back to Lake Harrite. From there Nick ran home and Evan and I ran the mile back to the house. The temps where great !!! Evan slept most of the way which was great since he was in super need of a nap. I felt good today. Now it's off to the weekend and my last long run of 17 miles. I am feeling good about the upcoming TCM.

Miles for the day= 10


Gregg said...

Yo Dude-
How were you posting pictures before? Ya,high speed is the only way to go now a day.

kurt decker said...

I was able to do some pictures at work and my parents or just wait forever at home. Sometime it was like 8 mins to load a picture !!