Sunday, September 9, 2007

City of Lakes 25k

Well today was pretty good day all in all. The race was interesting in that I felt real good for like 13 miles but then the last few miles my legs were a bit sore. I know for sure that I will not be using my normal racing flats at TCM. I just do not feel like I have spent enough time in them to go the marathon distance. I think I will use a different pair I have that has a little more forefoot cushion. The weather was great temperature wise, a bit windy but I will take it over the heat. I was shooting to average around 6:15 pace or so and I believe I ended up around 6:17 pace so not to bad. It was so great to all my teammates !!! When life get's hard for me which in many ways it has this year I lean on the knowledge that I have all of them in my life !!! Thanks guys !!! So I guess I have 4 weeks to go till TCM. I think there is still some time to fine tune a few things but all in all I think I still have a chance to run around 2:45 or so.

On the cool down i was so tired. I was in much need of food and drink. I think we made it like 2 or 3 miles. Sonya went on a few more miles past the car with Paul but I was done, done , done. Man I think I ate my race cookie in like 2 seconds. Now it is time for the first Vikings game of the year then off to the RUSH show tonight with Hibbs.

Miles for the day= 21


sr in tx said...


I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago. Congrats on your race today. I see you're coming down to Texas for Sunmart. Have you run it before? It's a good one - FAST!

Shan Rooney

kurt decker said...

Hey Shan
Yea I am hoping to come down for that race. I have never done it and would be looking for a 50 mile PR. I have been told that is a good place to try. Any races ahead for you ?

sr in tx said...

Sunmart is definitely a good PR course - that is where I have my 50 mile PR. Nothing in the short term plans - maybe a 50k in November.