Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeling it

During tonight's run boy was I feeling it. I was feeling like I am hitting a good grove with my running and I was also feeling the cold cold wind. Man was it crisp. It is funny how with weather like this the lakes do not have as many people ? Go figure. Evan and I ran tonight with Nick. It has been fun running a bit more with Nick as of late. It sure seems like Nick is getting into this dad thing. Good for him I say since in my book being a dad is the best thing ever. Speaking of being a dad, Evan was having a good time but I think he was getting a bit cold by the end. I needed to have the wind cover on but I forgot it, sorry Evan.

I have been real excited with how I have been feeling as of late. Maybe I am not as off as I thought I was going into TCM. I just need to stay focus.

Miles for the day= 9+


Gregg said...

Hey Man, nice running lately...sounds like things are coming around just in time. It looks like I will not be running the TC 10, my foot just isn't going to allow me to make it. we have a 2 room suite with the Flecks and we still make the trip. Instead of running, I will be taking some photos...
By the way, I guess I will have to call social services on your ass for not having that wind shield for Evan.

kurt decker said...

well thanks Gregg. Yea little Evan is a tuff dude. It is great how much he loves coming in the jogger with us. Being how much Sonya and I run we are very lucky. I am sorry you are still having problems.