Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can you belive the weather ?

Wow has this weather been a runners dream as of late !!! One can only hope it holds out till TCM. So today I am still a bit sore but figured I would give it a shot. It was a bit windy but that's ok, I will take that over the heat any day of the week. I knew Sonya and the kids where hoping to go walk in the grass by the rose gardens so I did a loop where I could swing by to see them. It is a joy for me to see them from afar having fun. The only problem was that once I got to that place they where not there ? It turns out that I must have just missed them. Oh well it sounds like they had fun. Now back to the run. I was feeling much better than yesterday. I guess that 3 mile run was good to loosen things up. I still was not feeling great but better than it could have been. I just can't belive how much I was beat up after that day. I decided to keep in shorter and not streach my luck to much so I looped back as to get 6 miles all in all. It turnd out to be a good idea as I felt my run going down hill the last half mile or so. Good call Kurt !!!! Better luck tomarrow.

Miles for the day= 6

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