Monday, September 3, 2007

Race day

Today was race day at the Victory 10k and 5k races in Mpls. The morning temps felt pretty good but I felt like it would not take long to heat up. My warm up was nice and easy. I ran into a few people like Erin Ward and Kelly Mortenson and ran a bit with them. I felt good on the warm up but had to see what would happen at a faster pace. When the race started I went out faster than normal this year for me. I hit the mile in 5:42 or so. I felt ok but knew I would not be able to hold that the whole way. As I slowed I was happy to keep it at 6:05 ish all the way back. I belive my time was 37:47. I still have much to do but will have to see what happens. I had a nice cool down with Sonya and Evan. Sonya went after the 5k. It was hotter for her race which did not help her in trying to break 18 min's. She was on pace for 2 miles but slowed in the end and ran 18:22. She was 2nd overall.

Here are more state fair photos

Miles for the day= 14+

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