Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finding Nick

Man was it early. I got up at like 5:40am so I could run and meet Nick at the bandshell at 6:15am. I was also a bit chilly, but did feel good. As I made my way down to the lake I decided I would just go the normal way to the lake instead of the other way in which I mention to Nick last night that I was going to take. Mistake !!! So I got to the lake in plenty of time so I jumped into the bathroom to take care of some business. After I got out I stood and waited for Nick. I waited and waited but there was no Nick. Man did I miss him or what ? I ran up the way he normally comes and still no Nick. At this point I was just going to run back to the lake and finish up my run when low and behold I ran into Nick. He had decided to run around and meet me but I was not going that way. Oh well we talk some and laughed. I continued home and called it a day. I did feel pretty good during the run so that was good. I guess I learned to never change my plans mid steam or rick loosing my running partner for the day. I think we will try once more Friday.

Miles for the day= 6

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