Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long run with Hibbs

I met Steve Hibbs out at the Luce Line trail this morning for the long run. I was looking for a easy 17 miler and the soft flat gravel path sounded good to me. I was feeling pretty good, just a little sleepy after Jason Zarn's wedding last night. We had a good time. We started out easy but I found that our pace was picking up at bit so after about 6 miles I told Steve we needed to slow a bit. Not long after that we met up with Eve Rembleski ( spelling ? ) out on her run. Eve ran with us the last 11 miles. It was great to talk with her and hear how things where going for her and her husband Duke. Duke just was 3rd at the Superior trail 100 miler two weeks ago. It was his first 100 miler. As we got back to the car I was happy overall with how I felt. Just 2 weeks to go till d-day !!!

Miles for the day= 17

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