Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hot one

So when I took Evan out for a run today in the jogger I figured it would not be super bad since we heading out the door at like 10:30am but man I was super surprised but how hot it felt. I know it was not super bad but the sun was a sizzling. As for the run I felt very tired. I had hoped to feel better after the day off but that was not the case. With some luck I will feel better tomorrow. For the run we did our normal Lake Harriett and Calhoun loop. It is a good one because of all the people watching Evan can do. Today on the run we saw Katie McGreggor. It was nice to see her out running. She is such a nice person and heck 1 week ago she ran in the world championships of track and field !!!! I hope to see her on the U.S. team for the upcoming Olympics.

Miles for the day= 9+

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