Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feeling it comming back

Well after a few days I am feeling back to normal. It was good to feel each day that came and went was getting better and better. I hooked up with Nick today after work. It was nice to have that all work out running with Nick since I was planning to run on my own up till I ran into him on my way home. It is always nice to have someone to run with. We did a good loop through the neighborhoods between our houses. It was a good break from running the paths around the lakes. The weather was super nice once more today. Man is this good string of days with great weather making a big difference. I love temps in the 65' to 70' range !!! We will have to see but I might try a light workout tomorrow if I am feeling good.

On a side note the 3rd season of Chasing Kimba starts next Monday !!!! Just in time to pump we up the last few weeks before the marathon. Look it up at

Miles for the day= 8+

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