Sunday, September 16, 2007

A little longer than the plan

It's that time aging, the weekly long run. Today Sonya, Nick and I where going to be running from our house down the parkway, looping across Lake street/ Marshall bridge and then back home. We thought that would be like 16 miles or so from home so we would have to just add on a few more at the end to get our 19 miles for the day. Plus this was going to work for Nick who was running 15 with us then doing his last 3 miles at a harder pace. The morning was great, and there was lot's of bikers out. It was the Mpls bike tour so the parkway was closed to car's and the bikes had free rain. I was feeling super great during the run. We even met up with Patrick Russell who just was cooling down after some hills. It is always great to see Pat ! As we where making our run back and we where like 2 miles from home I could tell I was wishing I had brought a gel with me. The worst part was that I had one in my hands before I left but did not put it into my shorts !! So Sonya ( who was also dragging a bit ) and I decided to loop up to the house and grab some gel and finish up. Man did the gel taste good and it with some Gatorade endurance formula did the trick. I was feeling pretty good once more. As we left the house to add on a few I lost track of time a bit and we ended up with like 21+ miles. Oops my bad ! It was funny because it is normally Sonya wanting to drag me out for more but today she was like " are we done yet " ? All in all a good run. I feel like there is not much more I can do at this point before TCM but I look forward to getting in one more week of good hard running. It was a good week.

The first Chasing Kimbia video is up !!! Look it up you will like what you see.

Miles for the day= 21+

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