Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Running in the rain

So do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and you just do not want to get out the door ? Well I had one of those and then when I saw it was raining I was even having a harder time with it. I got all my clothes togeather and went out the door. I had been thinking something around 8-10 miles today. As I got to the lake I knew it was bathroom time. The first one I saw was let's just say beyond gone. I wonder what galls people sometimes. So after finding my next option I was good to go. But then the " hay you can just go longer a different day " bug started in. Lucky for me I was able to fend it off. I kept running and thought I would go through the cementery once more and say hi to my sister and grandpa. I really feel at peace not to use a bad pun when I run there. Plus next Wednesday will be my sisters b-day. She would have been 33, man crazy to think of that. All in all I felt pretty good about the run. I was a bit tired at times but not to bad. Somedays just go that way. Running in the light rain was nice, even if it was a tad muggy out.

Miles for the day= 9

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