Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feeling much better

I got out today for my run after work. I decided to go run a easy run by and around the Lake of the Isles area. I had not run over there for awhile now. It was a nice night to run with the temps down around 58' or 60' degrees. Since we are in this "taper" times i was not looking to rock and roll pace wise, but did hope to feel better that yesterday. Plus it was nice knowing that after the run I had a appointment for a massage !!!

I started out doing a loop around Isles staying on the soft dirt when I could. Man it felt good. I was wearing my Nike Skylon shoes tonight. I am still unsure which shoes to wear at TCM. Do I go racing flat like I always have or do I go with a real lightweight trainer ? Well I guess I better decide soon. Back to the run.... I felt good on the dirt and was happy with how easy I felt. As I made my way back around to where my car was I looped back to the trails behind Cedar lake for a few more miles. Man I was feeling better with each mile that went by. What a great feeling !! I was wanting to go much longer but knew I needed to stop. After I got back to my car I stretched out and did a few drills. I should do more of those for sure. Well then it was off to the massage and that was great as well. I sure wish I could do that more often that is for sure.

Miles for the day= 7

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