Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bolder Dash 10k

Today Sonya was looking to run a solid 10k race 2 weeks out from the marathon so Evan and I went with her down to the bolder dash 10k down on it's new course at Lake Nakomis. It was a super nice morning weather wise for the race. Evan and I warmed up with Sonya and then figured we would run around with the jogger during the race. I thought Sonya ran pretty good considering she had this crazy side cramp from like 2 miles on in the race. I believe she was like 38:08 for time. She was not to happy but I was proud of her. Sometime shit like that happens and you just can't put much into it other than to say it was not my best day. Then saying that she has to see that a 38 min 10k given she was not at full output is pretty good. I think she will be ready to roll at TCM in two weeks.

As for me I was pretty happy with how I felt during the run. I was feeling my phosas a bit so I am thinking I need to get on that big time before the race. Other than that I was good.

Miles for the day= 7

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Gregg said...

Gotta love the Tee.
Sounds like you had a good weekend Kurt, good luck with the last two weeks and see ya at TCM.