Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Up Tempo

Sonya and I got out today for a run in the late afternoon. We where talking about how it was nice to be running in the daylight. I have just been feeling to burned out on the last stages of our winter and running in the dark seems so cold as of late. As we started out I figured we would just do a good run when Sonya sprung on me that she was hoping to get in her 25 min tempo run today as well. I figured why not. It seems I do not ever do workouts unless I am with her ? I need to get better on that. We got in a great tempo down around the lakes. The paths where pretty open and free of ice. I think we both felt good about the run. We got in a great cool down after. In fact with how wet I became during the tempo run I was getting extra cold very fast !!!

Totals: 1:31:05 15 miles ( Nike Haywards )


SteveQ said...

Sonya gets you running and you get me running and I get someone else running... but 15 6 minute miles? Not yet, for me.

kurt decker said...

Yea she kills me alot of the time. It is great how as running we push each other to bigger heights.

It was a solid day. We ran 10 miles at a crisp 7 min pace or so then rocked our tempo run at like 6 min pace.