Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama day Minnesota

Today was caucus day in Minnesota and I was excited. You could tell that many people felt good about the process by all the cars around the various voting places. They say it was a record day in our state for turn out which was cool. I was looking forward to putting in my vote for Obama so I needed to get the run over pretty quick to leave time for both Sonya and myself to get up and out to the voting area. The temps where real nice tonight. I was feeling like this was once more going to be a good run. I was loose and feeling easy. Once Nick and I got going I was feeling like I was floating across the land. Nick was not sure how far he was going to be wanting to run so I made sure I ran over to his house so I could get a few extra miles in that way. We did our standard 5 mile loop from his house. I saw I was getting short on time so I went back to the store a little early from where I was hoping to head back. I was bummed to cut it short but happy to feel so good once more tonight !! Have I said how much I love my Nike Haywards ? They are great. I would recommend them to people who like lighter type shoes. I believe TC Running Company have them in stock.

Totals: 50:18 7 miles ( Nike Haywards )


Gregg said...

do they run true to size compared to the old Haywards?

kurt said...

yes I think so.