Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feeling like old Kurt

So the day started with a little snow. I say thank god !!! It was just like 1 1/2 inches or so but it was enough to cover up some of that ice out there. Plus I just like running in a little light snow. I was not able to run till after Sonya got home from work which was not till like 8:30pm. Now that has been the kiss of death for me for awhile now. Which is funny since I used to love running at night. I decided I was going to give it a try and see what happens.

As I started out the door I had a good feeling about what I was getting into with this run. I felt loose and good. I decided to run through the neighborhoods and make my way down to the lakes area. After like 6 min's of running I could feel my pace picking up a bit. It just felt good to be cruising along. Once I hit the backside of Lake Calhoon I was in full out tempo run pace. It was so nice outside. It was like 30' degrees out which was perfect. The darkness felt good. As I ran on the snow covered path around the lake there was the lights of Uptown and Downtown in the distance. There was a few people doing some nighttime ice fishing and I had a some great tunes coming out of my ipod just adding to the feel of the run. It was a special moment. I kept up my solid pace till I got to where I turn up 47th street. I took it easy back home very happy with what just happen. It was like going back in the past and having a " old " Kurt run. What a great run !!!

Totals: 1:05:40 10 miles ( Nike Haywards )


SteveQ said...

Wow! Two great runs in a row. You're making me feel pokey.

kurt decker said...

Thanks. It has been a good feeling to run and feel so good as of late.