Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

The day of LOVE. I was looking forward to today since I knew Sonya would have the day off so we could spend some extra time together. After getting the girls off to school we where able to hang for awhile then Sonya was off to get in a speed workout. I was going to go run after she got back. My plan was to meet up with Patrick and run awhile with him as he was making his way home from work. Well let's say this did not work as I hoped. Somewhere along the way I missed him ? Well anyhow I still ended up with a good run. I kept the pace up a bit as I made my way along the paths down by the lakes. I ended up with a super solid day. It was very happy with the fact that this was 3 super runs in a row. That gives me much confidence as I continue to get ready to test myself at the races soon !!!
Later in the night Sonya and I say the movie "ONCE". I would recommend it very much. It had a pretty nice story and some great music as well. To me it shows the power of how music can heel people and help them move on. Check it out.

Totals: 1:40:10 14 miles ( Nike Haywards )

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