Monday, February 18, 2008

This is getting Old !!!

So I am a big winter running lover but this years winter weather is getting old, or should I say cold !!! To me the year started off with such promise. We had some snow early and it was the stuff you can run in. Temp's stayed in the 20-30's all the time. Then we somehow hit this shitty streak of lot's of days of sub zero windchill and such. I hate that stuff. I am very much looking foward to this being over. Plus I am missing some of my favorite trails and would love to run on them very soon.

I got up early to run with Nick today. He did not have to work today but still needed to be done and home by 8am so his wife Cindy could go to the club for her workout. That being said we did are normal run from our houses and meet at the Lake Harriet band shell and go from there. As I started out the run I was not a happy camper. I was running into this cold head wind. Much to my dislike when I got to the lake the wind was even worse. Today was one of those days where if I was not running with Nick I would have most likely said I give and looped back home. When Nick and I hooked up I said we are running in the neighborhoods to get out of the wind. Much to my happiness once I had some company and was out of the wind I was having fun running. We did a small section of running on the frozen Minnehaha creek which was fun. After a few miles we had to break off and run our ways back home. Even though my run with Nick was short it is what I needed to get into a better mood.

After I was home today and stretching on the floor I had this good feeling of making ground on my training and such. This was a great feeling and I hope to keep this up. I think tomorrow is going to be a running at the Dome day and maybe toss some speed work into the mix ? Either way I just want to keep moving forward.

Totals: 1:05:32 8+ ( NB 826's not 823 like I have been puting down )

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