Sunday, February 10, 2008

That's Tuff

So today was a day of old Runners' Edge teammates getting together for a day of fun. We started off the day by meeting for a run down at the lakes. It was a great morning to run with the light snow falling and the temps feeling pretty good. I ran from home so I could run part of the run with them before I had to go to work. It was so good to run with those guys. It had been a few months if not more since I had run with them all. I brought back good memories. Even though some of us are still running on a team together we do not run much outside of races together. You know what can happen when everyone starts having family's and all. It was great !!! It makes me feel like I need to do a better job of getting us together more often. I will admit I have been bad about stay up on things but now know what I am missing in not seeing my friends as much. I felt very good running with them all and only wished I could run farther with them when I had to turn off and head back.
Later that night we all meet up with a few others who did not make the run for a night of food, drinks and pool !!! One of my favorite saying of the night was from Pete Gilman when talking about the beers we where drinking. He would take a drink and look at us and say " That's Tuff ". He said he liked it but felt he needed to go back to something more like his Miller Lite. What a wussy, how did that guy run in the mens marathon Olympic trials last November ? Just kidding Pete. But my favorite moment of the night was when Jason drank the last of Mark Evans beer and Sean Mulheron and I replaced it back with Malt Vinegar. The look on his face when he got a mouth full was to die for. I have not laughed like that for a long time !! Thanks to everyone for a great night !!!

Totals: 1:30:15 12+ miles ( Nike Haywards )


SteveQ said...

Trying to put names to some of the faces in the photo - I'm used to seeing only the backs of their heads in races.

kurt decker said...

Yea I am with you. It is a special group of people. I am most proud to say that they are all great people first then most of the fastest runners in our state over the last 10 years.