Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Day After

After my big day yesterday I was wondering how my body was going to respond on the run. Sonya met me at the store after I got off of work so we could go for a run together. She had done a workout the day before so she was thinking she would be feeling a bit slower as well. My to our surprise we both felt pretty good as the run got going. We made our way down to the lakes knowing the the paths would be in good shape. There where a number of runners outside which was cool. It is funny on days like this to think about how in a few months it will be crazy packed with people at times on these same paths. We made out way around both Lake Harriet and Calhoun and a short add on as we made our way back to the store. I was very happy with how I was feeling. I decided to bust out my New Balance 823 shoes. I for some reason had forgot about them the last few months. They felt good !!

Totals: 1:09:12 9 miles ( NB 823 )

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