Sunday, February 10, 2008

One cold bonk

Sonya and I ran later in the day today with hope of getting a bit warmer temps outside. My Mom took care of Evan for us so we ran from their house. When we started it was still like -6 with like a -25 windchill outside. We started out into the wind and man was it cold !!! As we where like 2 miles into the run I could feel my body bonking big time. I had no gel or anything so we decided to turn back to my parents so I could slam some food. With the wind at our back it was much warmer that was for sure. Once we got back I ate a pudding cup in two spoon swipes and took a hard candy to suck on for the rest of the run. I felt so much better in like 2 min's. At that point we had like 6 miles or more in so we added on a little 4+ mile loop so we would get around 10 miles for the day. With the cold we where moving slower so I do not know if I could have run much farther cause I was pretty cool when we got home. It was a good run anyway. My week was a little less total miles than I hoped but still not to bad. If I can keep it up at 55-65 per week now it will make the jump up to 75-85 in a few weeks better. It is always great to run with my wife Sonya !!!

We did a post run session at Old Country Buffet. We both ate way to much. Sonya does not normally like this place but she new I wanted to go so she was a trooper. Thanks honey.

Totals: 1:30:11 11 miles ( Nike Haywards )
Weekly Totals: 54 ( 6 days )


aharmer said...

The picture on the front of your that from out East? I heard about an ultra that went around an island with a large portion of it on the beach. If so I'd love to hear more about it.

kurt decker said...

It is from the Superior Hiking trail up north. A few years ago I went up to the start of the trail on the Canadian border and ran down 150 miles of the trail over 2 1/2 days. That section is just north of Grand Maris. It is the only part that is next to Lake Superior. It was hell to run on. Think of running in marbles.

aharmer said...

Wow, that sounds great...not the marbles part;) I've considered doing an extended run on the SHT but think it will have to wait a few years.

Ironically, I am in Duluth for a couple days. I realized this morning that I'd forgotten a couple running items and stopped in Duluth Running Co. to buy some stuff. I start chatting with a nice guy managing the place and he tells me his brother's name because I live in EP. Guess who? Small world!