Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Dome running I go

Tonight was a Dome night. Man it was just too darn cold out there and knowing I had the option of the Dome was like a bee to honey. It also worked out great because I had the chance to run with some people. I saw the regulars like Mark S, Steve Q and such plus I got to run some with my buddy Chris Fuller. Chris is in charge of the Sporting Life which puts on lots of great races such as the upcoming St Patty Human Race 8k. Check out his races on his nice web site www.tslevents.com. I also got to run with Jenna and Tappe as well as Adam the owner of TC Running Company. Adam is a good guy and I never have run with him. I just took a job at his store so I am excited to be joining the crew over there.

The run was a pretty good. I felt good overall. I was pretty tired at the end. After a good warm up I ran some 600's while Adam and Tappe did 1200's. I was not as crisp as I hoped but I am sure part of it was from the fact that I am trying to build my miles up. When looking at my last week on a rolling schedule of last 7 days I have run 87 miles. I guess then it makes sense. In all it was a nice night of running and I look forward to continuing my good streak of days running. Plus when I got home I saw I got a box from my little brother Kraig with a pair of Inov-8 roclite 305 shoes to try out. Maybe this weekend I can try them out ? We will see and I will let you know what I think.

Totals: 1:07:04 9+ miles ( Nike Skylon )


SteveQ said...

Funny, I didn't recognize Chris - I really should wear contacts when I run. Seeing on your blog that you were doing 17 in two hours helped motivate me to get in 15 in 100 minutes at the Dome. Now, if you'd only motivate me to better blogging!

kurt decker said...

That is great. Any way I can help in fine by me. Keep up the good work.