Friday, February 8, 2008

One more day, One more mile

My run today was nothing special, just another day of running. I did feel pretty good once more so that was good. I had a hour and a half to run before Sonya went off to work and it was going to be the Kurt and Evan show for the day. I thought I would do my Kurt and Nick hills loop for something new since it had been awhile since the last time I did this loop. I knew I would not be able to push super hard up the hills since it was somewhat slippery out but figured the effort of getting up them would be good for me.
As the run progressed I felt pretty good. The warm up was real good and the first few hills went by great. It was when I was half way into the hills when out of left field I needed to go #2 real bad !! I knew I was not to far from home and decided better to cut it short that run with tights that where not going to feel to good. I was a bit disappointed at first but new it was OK. I was hoping to run with a bunch of the guys from the team tomorrow which was most likely going to be faster than normal for me. Maybe cutting it short was pretty good after all. At least I did not fill my pants !!!

Totals: 50:42 7 miles ( Nike Haywards )

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