Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swoosh !!!

After taking Monday off for no darn good reason I looked at today as a day to go big. Not because I thought I needed to play catch up or anything. But because I had the time and it would be good for me. Sonya had the kids at Kyra's soccer practice so I was making the most of the night. My friend Nick was able to run but not till 6:30pm and I was off work at 4pm so My idea was to head out the door at like 5:30pm and run a hour before getting Nick at his house. So I got all dressed up and put on my ipod for some good running tunes and went out the door. At first I was feeling a bit under dressed but I knew I would warm up some as I went. It was a pretty nice night to run. It felt cooler now that the sun was going down but I was happy to be out there. I felt very good as I made my way up the parkway. Overall I have been feeling real good for a few weeks now and that has been exciting. I am so looking forward to being able to hit the trails soon !! Once I got in a hour and picked up Nick it was nice to have someone to talk to. We did our loop from his house which brings us up by Cedar Lake and then loops us back to Lake Calhoun. Nick had a pretty big bonk session about 20 min's into the run but luckily I had a gel with me so I gave it to him and after 5 min's or so we where back at it. The air was crisp and downtown skyline looked great as we rounded the south side of Lake Calhoun. We split after awhile and Nick went back his way and I continued along. I did not turn my ipod back on and instead listen the the crunch of my feet along the path. I was feeling fast. As I got close to home I was proud of myself. It had been along time since I ran a 2 hour run during the week. Now if I can just keep rolling and get in a solid week.

Later in the night I watched a great show on CNBC on Nike called "Swoosh". I know it is showing a few more times this month so I would check it out. I think even Kyra found it pretty cool.

Totals: 2:00:05 17 miles ( Nike Haywards )

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