Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Fun

I had a GREAT run this morning with Sonya and Paul out on the Minnetonka trail. We started at the Lunds off of Hwy 7 and ran down past Excelcier and back. The soft dirt with a great layer of snow on top felt real good on the body. The temp's where good as well which was nice. The only time you could feel and wind was a few points along Lake Minnetonka but it was no big deal. Sonya and I love running with Paul and today was very funny at times. Lets just say Paul had a few to many drinks the night before. You could see it in his eyes, big bags !!! But as a super trooper he hung in there all the way. Sonya also hung in there pretty good since she is comming off 2 weeks of 90+ miles. As for my self I was feeling very good. I am very proud of my week all in all. I had 69 miles on just 5 days of running. I hope to have a 70+ week this comming week.

Totals: 2:30:08 19 miles ( Nike Hayward )
Totals for week: 69 miles ( 5 days )

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aharmer said...

Hey Kurt,
My primary goal race this year is the Superior 100. What would you think about doing the FANS 12-hr 3 months earlier? Would I risk running a less than optimal race at Superior if I did a hard 12 hour that close? I'm relatively new at ultras so I'm not sure if my body is ready for two really big efforts that close together. Thanks for any ideas, you can email me if you prefer at