Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Day

It is crazy what 48 hours can do for a guy. Since I did not need to get up super early today I went for my run after Sonya got back. It was nice to sleep a little longer than normal. Evan made sure it was not to much longer but I will take every little 10 min's extra I can get these days. I knew Nick was going only 3 miles since he was resting before the big City of Lakes Loppet ski race on Sunday so I ran over to his house, then with him, then back home. It made for a great 10 mile run !!! The weather was pretty good and I did feel good. It was a little icy in area's but not to bad over all. I was nice to feel good for once in the last few days.

After the run it was back to fun stuff for my daughter Summers 10th birthday !!! I can not believe 10 years have come and gone. Thanks Summer for being daddy little girl !!!

Totals: 1:11:12 10 miles ( Nike Jasari )

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Lisa said...

I cannot believe Summer is 10 years old!! Where has the time gone? Tell her I say "Happy Birthday"