Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out & Back with Steve

Today I was luck to be able to run with my buddy Steve. We met out at our old high school, Armstrong !!! We had not run together for a long time since Steve has been hurt for many months. It was great to run with him once more. We did a nice out and back loop from the school along Medicine Lake. I really like running around there. Something about being by that lake is like gold for me. I felt very good during the run and the time was just flying by super fast. We talked about a bunch of things. One of the things we talked about was the new web site Runnerville. I really like going on there and reading up and listening to the weekly pod casts. Steve had never seen it but I think he was going to check it out soon. When we got back to the school we had in like 8 miles so I dropped him off and added on 2 more miles so I could get a even 10 for the day. Great day !!!

Totals: 1:10:25 10 miles ( NB 823 )


Matt Taylor said...

Hi Kurt - Thanks for visiting the site and listening to the podcasts. I think we're starting to find our voice and hopefully we'll be able to keep it up for the long haul.

Best of luck with your training!


kurt decker said...

Keeping it going hard is much better with all the great stuff you all put out there. I am looking foward to the next season of chasingKimba !!!