Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Company

Sunday brought me a morning where I knew I was at the very least going to have great company for the run. Sonya and I where able to get my Mom to watch the kids so we could meet our good friend Paul for a run. After last weekends great run from the Luce Line trail head we thought we would go back there. Well that was not a good idea for the most part because it was super icy on the Luce Line path all the way down to Medicine Lake. Once we had gotten to the lake we could at least run on the road and not worry to much since it is a low traffic road that goes around the lake. Weather wise it was pretty good. A little more cold than we thought it was going to be but not to bad. I know the ice was really bothering Sonya allot. I was dealing better with it. I felt real good the whole run other than the ice.

It was good to catch up with what was going on in Paul's life. It was great to hear from him that we have gotten a house in Leadville for race week to stay in that is only 1/2 mile away from the start/ finish line !!! That will make the early 4 am start good since we can get up and walk to the line.

That after noon we had Summers family birthday party at the bowling alley. We had a great time !!! It is a fun family thing to do. These are a few pictures from it.

Totals: 2:31:09 18 miles ( Nike Haywards )
Totals for the week: 57

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