Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday, Sunday 1 week to go

So today we ran in a much better spot then yesterday. Heather told us to come back out to the farm house and run the country roads. Man was that better. Far less car's and nice seneary to look at. Other than a dog at one point it was very nice. I only wish I would have knew about this yesterday.

I felt very good today as well. I was smooth and loose. Sonya also said that it was the best she had felt in a week or so. I think Ward was feeling the after affects of his drinks the night before. One funny thing on the run. At one point I needed to visit a tree so the other two kept going and I was going to catch up. As I was getting close to them we had a railroad track and I thought to myself that it would suck if a train cut me off from them. Well at that moment wehn I was like 40 feet from the track the bells went off !!! Man I ran so hard so not to get cut off from them. It was funny after words but at the time I was like "come on you have to be kidding" but like I said it was funny after words. I week to go !!!

Miles for the day= 10+

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