Friday, May 18, 2007

What to do ?

When running with Steve Hibbs tonight we got talking about the upcomming Twin Cities Marathon and what I might be hoping for with a finish time. You know that is a good question. I guess I would put like 3 levals for time goals. i tend to do that with most races. So that being said I would say leval 1) sub 2:48, leval 2) low 2:40's, leval 3) sub 2:40 would be pie in the sky !!! I have run 2:40:40 and 2:40:41 plus a few 2:42's in the past. I guess I feel like I am not asking for everything, but also know it will be alot of work between now and Oct.

As for my run with Steve it went pretty good. I felt stiff the first few miles but then it got way better. I think we where a solid 7 miles. My breathing seemed better but still not great. Heck 3 days in a row !!!

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