Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Did someone say water ?

As many of you know I have been feeling like crap on and off for a long time now. I think we may have discovered one of my problems. The LACK of water in me ! I have always know that you need to drink alot to stay hydrated and all. Some days I am good with this and others not good at all. Take yesterday for example. I come to work at 10am work till 4:30 and then go for a run. I went for my normal trail run around Cedar Lake and up to Theo Wirth. I only made it like 5 miles. By the way I was moving you would have thought I was running up at 10,000 feet or something.
So I thought about it and it came to me that I did not have a sip of water or for that matter much of anything all day up to that point and go figure I feel like total shit on my run. I do know better but I am not suprized by how I felt running. I have been reading up alot os of late on stuff while getting my TCM plan togeather and this is stressed alot. I have sucked at that for sometime now. I do not know why because I used to be great at drinking all the time but for whatever reason I have been bad about it for over a year now. We will see if this is part of my problem but I am sure it will not hurt to get more water in me.

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