Friday, May 11, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

Man if this is what I have to look foward to I am going to suck. So when I went out for my run after work it was like 83' outside. I felt it big time !! I was sweeting like crazy after 8 min's of running. I just felt real slow as the run went on. It is very frustrating that is for sure. I feel like I am drinking lot's of water and such. Sleep has been better as of late. Sonya has been helping me get to bead earlier than normal. I guess it is just a bad day ? Well it for sure does not give me alot of confidence going into the half marathon this weekend. I guess it could be I am getting sick. After my run I could just feel my throat getting sore. Let's hope not. Well all in all it was a whopping 5 miles for the day !!!

On a side note Summer had her year end day for Brownies and is now a Girl Scout !!! Good for her I know she was proud.

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