Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Prague

Today was the New Prague 1/2 marathon. It was a super nice day for a race temp wise. Maybe low 50's ? Pretty nice. There was a pretty desent wind ou there as well. Then aging it is always a bit windy in New Prague. I guess when there are no tree anywhere and miles after miles of farm land that can happen. This was Sonya and mine first time running on the new and I would say tuffer course.

Boom the gun goes off. As we leave the start I know that the way things have been going I will be of no help to the team and my chances of running well are pretty slim. I deside I will do my best to Help set a good pace and help with any wind for Sonya and any of the other Gear gals who where around us. Now Sonya hates sitting behind anyone because she does not feel that is being "tuff". I always point out that not one of the other gals by us is going out in front of anyone, so go with it. We where running a good 6:27 pace mile after mile. I was ok but not super great. Sonya seemed to be running smooth. I kept telling her remember Grandma's marathon is the prize and we do not want to overdue it before then. She was smart ! So as the miles went by I knew I would not be able to keep up the pace and let her go. So after 11 miles I droped off a bit and watched as she ran super strong to the finsh. She was like 1:23:58 chip time which is in her top 5 all time I belive. I ran a PW or better known as personal worst in 1:24:30 ish. I do not know what is wrong ??

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