Friday, May 4, 2007

Man that felt good

So after signing up today for the Twin Cities marathon I desided to keep with my good trend of running and kick myself in the butt and go for a run with Ryan after work. Ryan works with me at Gear and is a member of Team USA Minnesota. He is also a sub 4 min miler, something I am not ! He needed 12 miles and I was looking for a solid 10 miles. We desided to meet at Lake of the Isles and go from there. I thought I would show him some of the great trail I run around Cedar lake and in Theo Wirth park. I think he like it. We had a great run and he said more than once he could not belive we are so close to the city. It was a good solid pace for me that was for sure. I needed that ! This was a good start to my TCM training.

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