Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday fun

Sonya, Evan and I met up with our buddy Paul and his dog Sunshine for a nice run on the Luce Line trail. This is such a nice place to run with Evan because it is all soft gravel over a old railroad bed. It allows us to run on something soft and still have Evan with us. It was a cooler morning this normal. Like only 42 or so out. So we had a little extra clothing for Evan to stay warm. At the start of the run I felt dissy and crappy. I took a Hammer gel and pounded so Nuun drink. After about 10-15 mins I started to feel much better. Thank God !!! All in all I felt pretty good for the run. We ended up with 16 miles for the day and a new PR for Evan for longest run. What a good boy he is. Just loves being with mom and dad, and we love having him with us also !!!

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