Saturday, May 5, 2007

The gang

So every Saturday morning a bunch of people from the Gear running team meet at the store for a good longer run. Being that the store is so close to the Mpls chain of lakes it makes for a good run. I have not done many of these but when I have it has been fun. This morning Sonya and I thought we would take Evan in the jogger and join the group. There was a group of like 6 of us this morning. It was nice like 58' out. A tad windy in areas but not bad. After yesterday I was happy to feel so good ! I ran pushing Evan for like 45 min's of the run then had to cut off and hammer home to get a shower in before work. I ended up with 1hr 15min's so I am guessing a solid 10+ miles for the day. Hope to meet Paul on the trails tommarow.

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