Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Starting slow

I ran after work today. I did one of my favorites run the Cedar/ Theo Wirth trails loop. I felt pretty tight at first so I started real slow. I need to do this slow start more often. I think many times I just jump into it full steam ahead and I am guessing that is not as good for my body. As I made my way on the trail I was hoping to miss a big rain storm. It was dark out with the black clouds but in a strange way I liked it. The hills in Wirth where very tuff today. I kept telling myself that this will make me tuff as nails come TCM in October !!! As the run got longer i was feeling better. I also ran into Ryan K. on the way back to the car. I am glad I was able to show him these trails and he like running them. Well all in all it was a good day and I am guessing it was like a 9 mile day.

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