Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Super workout

After many hours of drinking water like camel, go figure I felt good on my run ! I went out with Sonya and Evan in the jogger. It was a nice morning for a workout. We headed down to the lakes for a 10 mile run with 13x 1 min hard/ 1 min easy mixed in. I decided I would push Evan for all of them. Sonya would help and push him on the rest ones. All in all it went real well. Sonya looked great flying along and I felt pretty good also. It is tuff pushing him like that but makes for one hell of a workout ! I did alot of running with Summer when she was young and I ran tied my marathon PR of 2:40 at the 1999 Chicago marathon. Maybe Evan will bring me the same luck.

Look at Evan and Kevin, showing him the ropes I guess

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Lisa said...

Kurt- We have a similar photo of Riley with her uncle at Christmas...nothing like starting them a little young, huh?