Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A bit Steamy

Today I got out in the AM for a run with Sonya and Evan. It was much more humid today that the past few days. Thanks god the race was yesterday. I was sweating like crazy only 10 min's into the run. There was a good breeze off the lake at times which felt good. My leg's where a bit stiff today but not super bad. I truly feel like I am turning a corner. All in all I think it was like a 9+ mile run. I also made my apointment to get more bllod work done to make sure things are getting better inside. I have been trying to be much better with the water drinking. I am thinking of maybe jumping into Grand old Day 8k this weekend if I am feeling good and the weather looks pretty good since I did not get to race last weekend. Just a idea.

Todays picture is of Summer doing her best Mia Hamm

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