Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's with French Park ?

Ok so everytime this year that I have run at French park I have felt slow and slugish ? I do not get it at all. It was a great day to run. I was able to run with Sonya after work there. She is comming along well so that makes me feel better. But as for my self I was getting very frustrated by it all during the run. So midway through the run i decided I would stop by the car next time around and grab a Clif shot gel and see how I feel after that. Well I was glad to do that because I started to feel much better about 5-10 min's later. I guess it is that time of the year where I will have to allways have one or two gels in the car just incase. All in all it was a nice day and nice to run with Sonya !!! Better luck next time for me the that park. Oh yea I think it was like a 8 mile day or so.

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